Connie Montgomery, J.D.

Financial Relief

= mental relief

Financial hardships can happen to anyone.
For some individuals and small businesses, bankruptcy is
the best way to resolve those hardships and get back on track.
Springfield Law Group offers free in-office consultations
to answer questions and determine what options
you have in your unique situation.

Family Law

Susanna McCrimmons, J.D.

Situations involving family law are often accompanied by
pain, emotion and stress. At Springfield Law Group, we
want to lighten your burden by explaining your legal
options and helping to protect your rights and your children
by maintaining the importance of their well-being.
Our goal is to get you moving forward in a positive direction.

Our Mission

Springfield Law Group, LLC is committed to providing our clients with quality legal representation. Our firm believes the experience of visiting your attorney should not be intimidating. We strive to help you through the stress and confusion that often accompanies the legal process, and to make you feel comfortable and confident no matter what type of legal matter you may be facing.